Transcript As Broadcast
on WTVT (Fox 13), Tampa
August 18, 2000 – 6 p.m.

WTVT Anchor Kelly Ring:   A court battle involving Fox 13 and two former employees is over tonight.  Just a short time ago a jury in Tampa awarded former Fox 13 anchor Jane Akre over $400,000 in damages. 

Fox 13 management fired Akre back in 1997 and the jury found the station violated the states whistleblower law when they did it.  Akre was working on an investigative reporter targeting the Monsanto chemical company at the time.  She said she was fired because she refused to lie in that report and threatened to tell the FCC about it. 

Steve Wilson, Akre’s husband was also part of the lawsuit but the jury found Fox 13 did nothing wrong when he was fired that same year.