Gary F. Barton is the public relations man in charge of promoting Monsanto's synthetic BGH known as Posilac.  He is also the Monsanto man who deals with news reporters and the one who quarterbacked the professional assault against Jane Akre and Steve Wilson.  
        One of the letters Monsanto's lawyer John Walsh sent to Fox Television predicted "dire consequences" if Fox went ahead and aired the Akre/Wilson investigative reports about rBGH.  Steve sent this e-mail to Barton the week after a jury returned a $425,000 damage award and determined that, following the Monsanto threat letters, Fox intentionally and deliberately pressured the reporters to falsify or distort the reports.     

               Subject:  You Were Right!
               Date:      Fri, 25 Aug 2000 18:26:56 -0400
               From:     Steve Wilson <>

               Guess by now you've heard. You and your lawyers were right. There WERE
               dire consequences for trying to slant and distort the news. You might
               want to mention them the next time you and your buddies are leaning on
               another reporter and his/her news organization.

               Steve Wilson

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