July 1 Update

Depositions Continue, Trial Date Set


Another deposition in the case was taken June 25 by John Chamblee, counsel for plaintiffs Jane Akre and Steve Wilson. Testifying under oath in a videotaped deposition was former Fox news director Daniel Webster. Webster testified under subpoena in San Francisco where he is now news director at CBS-owned KPIX. It was Webster who hired the plaintiffs and approved the investigative project about BGH before he himself was dismissed by Fox for reasons which have never been made clear.

Both plaintiffs were present as were Fox counsel Patricia Anderson and Gary Roberts. It was Roberts, an attorney based at Fox’s Los Angeles headquarters, who formally notified the plaintiffs of their termination last December.

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In a separate development June 30, Judge Robert Bonanno has set February 22, 1999 as the trial date. He has asked both sides to complete all depositions by the end of the year.


Defendant Fox Television is scheduled to argue its Motion to Dismiss the suit on First Amendment grounds before Judge Bonanno in Tampa on July 9, 1998.

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